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Manipura - Lemon Balm Face Cream 100ml
  • Manipura - Lemon Balm Face Cream 100ml

    Lemon balm contains natural antioxidants called caffeic acid and  ferulic acid. Antioxidants neutralise ‘free radicals’ – oxidising agents  commonly created by pollution which cause damage to skin cells. They  can cause premature ageing if left unchecked.  Creams containing  lemon balm can boost circulation, while the tannin component acts as an  astringent, helping to tighten the skin. The antibacterial qualities of  lemon balm help to cleanse pores and reduce the occurrence of  blackheads. 


    Ingredients –

    Lemon Balm Hydrosol, Lemon Balm essential oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifier O, Comfrey Extract, JoJoba Oil, Seabuck and Euxylpe  

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