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I’m Jo, a clairsentient and intuitive empath. Dedicating much of my life to exploring the healing arts and spirituality.


As a highly sensitive person, I have battled severe depression and anxiety throughout most of my life. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve come dangerously close to suicide, and yet, I pulled myself out of it.


How? By re-connecting with Spirit – my spirit.


You see, I’ve always had spiritual gifts. And so, have you. It’s simply a question of when they were shut down. It’s so obvious to me now that I was an Indigo Child. This led me to feel and question everything around me on an extreme level. I could feel other’s feelings despite what came out of their mouths. I had prophetic dreams as a child. Sometimes, I just knew things that were going to happen, things that ended up coming true. But, I repressed these gifts because I didn’t understand them, they often left me scared, feeling confused, in emotional pain and even questioning my own sanity. I just felt that I was weird and bad because I felt so different from everyone and everything around me.


I have spent my entire life with a deep hunger to understand myself, So, I disappeared and went on what I now call my ‘walkabouts’, I meditated my way throughout Asia, trained in different energy healing modalities and studied with some of the most incredible healers in New Zealand. My intuitive abilities have heightened to a level that I can now help not just myself but more importantly I can help others.


Now, I maybe weird, but I am also good.


My favourite moments in life, finding and accepting my spirituality when kissing the statue Buddha in Cambodia, becoming a Reiki Master, publishing two books and having the gift and ability to heal others.

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