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Training Courses



Reiki First Degree is open to beginners, no experience necessary. With this training, you will learn everything you need to start your Reiki journey!

In Reiki Level 1 you will learn the following:


  • what is reiki

  • history & origins

  • what is energy

  • benefits and effects 

  • purpose

  • chakras

  • cleansing/protecting rituals 

  • Cho Ku Rei reiki symbol

  • hand positions and self reiki treatment 

  • precepts 

  • lineage

What's included:


  • level 1 reiki manual

  • level 1 reiki certificate

  • your attunement

Pipetting Skincare Product


Are you are interested in learning to make your own unique organic skincare products? I have a wide range of essential oils and plant extracts to choose from, some have even been distilled right here in Wellington and you cannot get much better than knowing your skincare has gone the full circle from plant to product.


All of my products are vegan and eco friendly! You’ll be amazed that by making this small investment you will never have to buy in store again. You’ll also know exactly what you are putting on to your skin and into the environment.

Each class will be limited to just 4 people, ensuring you get the most out of me as your teacher.


Duration 2 Hours

You will also leave with 3 products of your choice valued at over $100.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki Second Degree is the professional practitioner level.

In Reiki Level 2 you will learn the following:


  • two new reiki symbols (Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen)

  • auras

  • grounding techniques

  • cleansing your space 

  • pendulum work 

  • how to set up for a client session 

  • how to give a reiki session 

  • distance healing 

  • crystal grids

What's Included:


  • level 2 manual 

  • level 2 certificate 

  • your attunement



Join us for a glass of bubbles at our evening workshops and learn the art of candle making. Create your very own candles to enjoy at home or gift to someone special.


Using quality soy wax and a choice of luxury scents, each participant will have the opportunity to make a container candle and two packs of wax melts. 

Our workshops are designed to be a relaxing experience for all and we provide all of the supplies and equipment you will need.


Please note that bookings are essential.

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