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A4 Chakra Guide

A4 Chakra Guide

This folding laminated guide is packed with detailed information on both sides. The Sanskrit word Chakra means wheel or disc or wheel of light referring to energy points or nodes in the subtle body.


The Chakras appear as wheel-like vortices of pure energy. They spin at great speed and in a deeply spiritual person they may become spheres of radiant light energy.


Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection, representing different levels of consciousness. Chakras are usually depicted as a lotus flower.


Each chakra has a different number of petals. This number connects to the frequency it vibrates at. The Crown Chakra, also called the thousand-petaled lotus, has the highest frequency. The seven chakras are positioned along the spinal column.


They play an important role in the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical levels. The concept of Chakras can be found in many cultures including Indian, Tibetan and Chinese. Chakras relate to the subtle body which corresponds to a subtle plane of existence.


It is believed to be composed of mind, intelligence and ego and controls the physical body. In this way Chakras have a physical manifestation as well. An understanding of the chakras can contribute to mental and physical well-being. This Guide provides an extensive overview and reference point. Each Guide consists of eight A4 pages that fold into each other. The Guides are quality printed in full colour and protection coated on both sides. The material is a sturdy board.

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