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Aragonite Sputnik

Aragonite Sputnik

Aragonite Crystal Healing abounds in the Aragonite "Sputnick" bringing warmth, energy and vitality.


Sparkling crystals abound in the Aragonite "Sputnik" or "Star" bringing warmth, energy and vitality, and making the holder feel like a "human star". Aragonite's unique crystal structure, with many outward pointing crystals, creates an amazing energy charge.


Aragonite brings us truth, understanding and perception. It tunes us to the Earth Mother and is an excellent grounding tool. It has been said to reduce anger and to enhance patience and acceptance under stress. It has also been used to raise energy levels and to help clear and focus the mind so that you can concentrate on the task in hand.


Just holding it boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.

  • Ethical Crystals

    I will not purchase crystals from anywhere that cannot guarantee that they support the environment and ethical mining.

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