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Mangano Calcite Grade A

Mangano Calcite Grade A

Mangano Calcite helps to lift tension from anxiety, or lingering pain or trauma. Helping to promote peace, tranquility, and a more calm state of mind, this pretty light or dark pink stone is commonly used in massage and meditation. When using pink Mangano Calcite for meditation, the patient may hold the stones in their hand to help relax and promote overall mental and physical well-being.


Additionally, there is also scientific benefits to using stones like Mangano Calcite in massage therapy to help unwind and relieve stress. It is often made as a crystal wand for massage purposes.


This stone's properties help to relieve stress and tension from previous emotional trauma, the loss of a loved one, a difficult breakup, PTSD, or emotional or physical abuse. If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma, or grief, we encourage you to look into the benefits of pink Mangano Calcite for meditation or massage therapy.

  • Ethical Crystals

    I will not purchase crystals from anywhere that cannot guarantee that they support the environment and ethical mining.

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